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From Your Head To Your Gut: Part 1 (Recipe)

From Your Head To Your Gut

Part 1


still remember the Thanksgiving on ’94.  My immediate and extended family (all 50 of us) get together every Thanksgiving and, basically, eat until we can’t eat anymore.  I always looked forward to the bounty of goodies that was placed before me…until the Thanksgiving of ’94.  My Aunt (bless her soul) began to experiment with what was already a perfect recipe for mashed potatoes by adding mushrooms, cayenne pepper, and HomebrewGlowingspinach.  It was terrible.  She decided to deviate from the recipe and the results were disastrous.

This is so true of many new homebrewers.  One of my first beers I brewed was a Mint White Chocolate Milk Stout.  It was HORRIBLE.  I was all over the map with my hop additions and grain bill.  If you haven’t yet, check out the BCJP style guidelines (http://www.bjcp.org/stylecenter.php).  Think of this as your cookbook.  It will tell you which tastes you should and should not have in your beer.  Many people will view this as being restrictive, but it is the same as train tracks for a train.  The style guidelines are there to help you make progress and not to hinder you.  DO NOT DEVIATE from these guidelines or else you will find yourself dumping your beer…which may actually be for the best in this case.

Over the next few weeks, I will be taking you through the process of brewing my “Go-to” pale ale.  Today you’re simply getting the recipe.  Next week we will mash in.  Prost!

  • 8.5 lbs American 2-row
  • .5 lbs Crystal 60
  • .5 oz Columbus for 60 mins
  • .25 oz Centennial for 40 mins
  • .25 oz citra for 25 mins
  • .5 oz Cascade at flameout

Ferment with White Labs California Ale Yeast (WLP001)

Stay Thirsty. Stay Foolish.

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